Hey there, I’m Erik Kruger.

Erik Kruger
Erik Kruger

And it’s my mission to make you, your teams, and your organization more dangerous.


I speak on the topics of leadership, resilience, and high-performance. Over the past few months I have spoken for the likes of YPO New York, Entrepreneur’s Organization Global, Microsoft, Dell, Discovery, and more. And most recently did my first TedX talk.


Writing is how I process my thinking. Some of my books have been published and some can be found for free in e-book form. This includes titles such as Acta Non Verba, Lockdown Leadership, Hybrid Vigour, and Instant Evolution. I also contributed to The Book Every Business Owner Must Read


In 2018 I received my Master's degree in Business and Executive Coaching. Since then I have applied myself to helping teams play at their very best. I create deep learning experiences for leaders and teams to accelerate their personal and professional development.


Alongside John Sanei, I co-host the Expansive podcast. We have more than 100+ glowing reviews and tens of thousands of downloads.


I am an associate at the Johannesburg Business School. I contribute regularly to GQ and Inc.com, and various podcasts and radio shows. Previously I also wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine.

There is no security in playing it safe. In fact, those who retreat will be disrupted and made redundant. This is a time to be Dangerous. The only way forward is to take a deep breath and then willingly step into the unknown...