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Equip your people with the tools and mental models for navigating challenge, seizing opportunity, and mastering change.

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Dangerous | Erik Kruger | Keynote Speaker


In this riveting keynote, titled “Dangerous”, Erik Kruger dives into the unseen threats lurking around every corner of your business, your team, and your potential.

Masters of Change | Erik Kruger | Keynote Speaker

Masters of Change

In this engaging keynote titled “Masters of Change”, Erik Kruger presents a unique framework designed to help leaders navigate the tumultuous seas of change.

Bult For Performance | Erik Kruger | Keynote Speaker

Built For Performance

In the keynote titled “Built For Performance”, Erik Kruger explores the importance of team alignment and the role of communication in achieving it.

Erik Kruger Keynote Speaker


Deep Expertise. Careful Curation. Engaging Delivery.

Erik Kruger is a transformative force in the realm of keynote speaking. With his dynamic blend of compelling storytelling and actionable insights, Erik's presentations go beyond the norm. They inspire, they motivate, and they ignite change. Specializing in team development and modern leadership, Erik's fresh approach has made him a global favorite. Experience the power of his empowering keynotes and let Erik guide your team towards unprecedented success.

Top 5 reasons to work with Erik

Experienced Keynote Speaker + -
Erik has spoken at a wide range of events and organizations across the world. His experience and expertise make him a compelling Experienced Keynote Speaker.
Team Development Expertise + -
Erik is a specialist in team development. He spends most of his time facilitating sessions for teams on how to improve teamwork.
Proven Track Record + -
Erik has built South Africa’s largest self-development community for men and authored multiple books, with his latest, Dangerous, becoming a best-seller in South Africa. This success showcases his ability to resonate with and inspire audiences​.
Depth of Knowledge + -
Erik holds a Masters degree in Executive coaching from Wits Business School, and his relentless pursuit to help organizations recalibrate for a complex future has seen him speak for esteemed clients.
Insights from Cutting-Edge Research + -
Erik has curated a program that incorporates the latest insights and research into high-performing teams. These insights are not just theoretical, but also practical.and thought-provoking speaker​.
Erik Kruger Keynote Speaker

What to expect

Our Process

Initial Inquiry | Erik Kruger
Initial Inquiry:

Reach out to Erik or his team via email or the contact form on his website, expressing your interest in booking him for a keynote. Include key details like the date of your event, its purpose, and your expectations for the keynote.

Consultation | Erik Kruger

Once your initial inquiry is received, a member of Erik's team will schedule a consultation call to discuss your event in more detail. This is an opportunity to clarify any questions you have and for Erik's team to understand your needs better.

Proposal | Erik Kruger

Based on the consultation, Erik or his team will create a tailored proposal for your event. This will include details on the content of the keynote, logistics, and the fee.

Booking Confirmation | Erik Kruger
Booking Confirmation:

If you're satisfied with the proposal, you can proceed to confirm the booking. This typically involves signing a contract and paying a deposit or the full fee.

Event Preparation | Erik Kruger
Event Preparation:

In the lead-up to the event, Erik will work with you to finalize the content of the keynote. This may involve further consultations to ensure the keynote is fully aligned with your event's objectives.


What clients say

Erik has now spoken at multiple Suits & Sneakers events. I keep coming back to him because of the way he delivers his message. He is thoughtful, a pleasure to work with, and absolutely nails each and every talk.


What clients say

I asked Erik to speak at the launch of SME.Africa, an event with more than 600 attendees, and the audience absolutely loved his insights and presentation. Phenomenal speaker.


What clients say

On the night that I saw him talk he was the best on stage and delivered his message with power and elegance. He owns the stage. Highly recommended.


What clients say

Erik Kruger spoke at a series of workshops we hosted for entrepreneurs on our platform. He was exceptional! The guests loved him and his unique approach & were challenged to think differently during turbulent times.


What clients say

I have worked with Erik over the last couple of years and have always found great value and insight from our sessions on developing teams & leadership.




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