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The Mental Edge: A trait shown by individuals and teams that are a threat to the status quo, their industry, and their competitors. This one day workshop will help you uncover yours…

Date: 27 July

Venue: Knightsbridge (JHB)

Time: 08:00 – 16:00

Cost: R4500 per seat

Who is it for?

There are those who spend all their time improving only their outer game (skills and abilities).

Over time, they will lose.

The victors will be those who understood the importance of also developing their inner game. Who compete on resilience, mastery, and mental toughness.

Let's get you and your team on the same level of understanding about what it takes to develop the Mental Edge.

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What is covered?

The Mental Edge is built on the lessons and insights that I have developed from my coaching practice.

We only focus on ideas and mental models that have created hard-hitting, needle-shifting moments for my clients.

The main themes are Mastery, Resilience, and Clarity.

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Erik Kruger

CEO Coach & Founder of The Mental Performance Lab

For the past few years, I have been working with high-performing executives and entrepreneurs in different industries ranging from IT to Finance to Engineering. Running organisations with turnovers from R5m per annum all the way to around R1B per annum. My job has been to extract their best thinking. To help them craft elegant solutions to the challenges and obstacles that they face. 

A Real Intensive

The Mental Edge Intensive is 7 hours of introspection, reflection, and information. But the aim is not for you to walk out smarter. My objective is for you to leave having gained a better understanding of yourself and the changes you should focus on to access your Ideal Performance State. 

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100% of attendees have said that they walked away from the Mental Edge workshop with a new and practical insight and that they would refer a friend or colleague.

One Day To Resilience & Mastery

Seats are obviously quite limited. So please make sure you book as soon as possible. Simply click on the button above, fill in the form, and my team will facilitate the rest of the booking for you!


Saturday, 27 July
08:00 - 15:00


Knightsbridge Conference Center

erik kruger podcast

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