Leadership Manual 2022 Edition
Leadership Manual 2022 Edition

I release a new Leadership Manual at the start of every year.

It gives me immense pleasure to share the 2022 edition entitled: The Art of Recalibration with you.

What is clear is that in a complex world there are no more absolutes. Instead, leaders must learn to love nuance. Knowing that they are operating in the beautiful middle where nothing is certain, and everything is possible.

The Leadership Manual invites leaders to examine how they are thinking and doing things through the lens of 5 different areas of focus:

  1. Explore vs Extract
  2. Transformational vs Transactional leadership
  3. Antifragility
  4. The Performance and Learning Zone
  5. Being Dangerous

May this manual play a small role in helping you recalibrate yourself for success in this exciting future.

A special thank you to Sasfin for supporting the manual this year and helping me to get it into the hands of (hopefully) thousands of leaders.

Published: January 24, 2022