Motivational Speaker

I speak about developing leaders for the future, strategic resilience, and how to be more intentional in accelerating personal and professional development.

This then includes ideas such as resilience, high-performance, transition, and mindsets for the future.

I have spoken for the amazing audiences of EO Global, YPO New York, Microsoft (EMEA), Dell, LinkedIn, Discovery, Liberty, Momentum, and many more.

Audiences I typically speak for: Sales Conferences, Leadership Events (Offsites), Client facing events, Driving home a message for all employees.

I deliver the most value when I am doing 45min – 60 min long keynotes.

At the end of the day, you are not simply paying me to speak at your event.

You are paying me to share insightful, action-provoking ideas with your audience. This is my stock and trade. I am not getting on stage regurgitating John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar. Much of my time is spent writing and formulating new ways of looking at things.

I take great pride in presenting interesting & practical stories, insights, and concepts. Everything I present is deepened by the work I do as an Executive Team Coach.

The best way forward is for us to schedule a Discovery call. Let’s talk about the topic and outcome you had in mind for your event. If I cannot help you then I am definitely able to refer you to someone who can.

Please email to schedule.