Executive Coach

Ad hoc sessions for driven individuals seeking clarity

I work with driven, powerful, forward-thinking individuals to help them achieve more impact with less effort, to influence with authority, and to develop focus and clarity around their thinking and decision-making.

Perhaps before reading on it might help you to know who I typically work with.

Clients I work with:

  • Is an already successful CEO, Executive, Entrepreneur, or Professional.
  • Is hiring me because of my expertise, thinking, and approach in helping leaders and teams accelerate their personal and professional development. Meaning they have already interacted with my thinking through my articles, videos, or podcast.
  • Is open to having their thinking challenged and willing to be fully engaged in the process.

Who my coaching is for

In my experience my clients seek out my coaching for the following reasons:

  • They want to feel supported as high-performance and top leadership can often leave them feeling isolated.
  • They want to feel challenged. The people around them admire them for what they have achieved however they know that they have much more to give.
  • They want to stress test their perceptions and value the gift of looking at ideas from different angles.
  • They want to be more deliberate and intentional about their actions and personal development.
  • They want to cultivate a more powerful presence.
  • They are thought leaders who want to share an impactful message.

Challenges I have assisted clients with:

  • Eliminating people-pleasing behaviors and becoming more assertive (this saved one client more than $2m during negotiations).
  • Developing a powerful presence in the way they lead and interact with others (this helped one client feel more confident in pitching for a R100M investment).
  • Managing pressure, anxiety, and negativity whilst maintaining performance (has allowed many of my clients to remain focused and optimistic even in dire times).
  • Improved thinking and clarity for the challenges you face (we reframed a communication challenge that a client had and shifted the performance of his entire team).
  • Getting off autopilot and becoming more intentional with their lives (almost universally the biggest outcome of coaching).

The value of partnering with an executive coach

There is no doubt about it anymore that coaching is one of the most effective ways for people to fast track their personal and professional development.

Not only will coaching make you more aware of your unconscious programming and allow you to change it but you will be held accountable for making behavioural and mental changes that produce a distinctly different outcome in all domains of your life.

However, the actual outcome depends on you.

Coaching only works if you put in the effort and if you are serious about change, self-examination, and the coaching process