Do you want your team to be better?

100% of leaders that I speak to tell me that this is a no-brainer.

Of course, they want their teams to improve over time.

More creativity.

More innovation.

Better teamwork.

Higher levels of trust.

Increased performance.

Excellent communication.

Rock solid accountability.

Go. Go. Go.

However, here’s the curious thing.

Given the conviction they have about improving their teams I then ask a simple follow up question.

Does your team have dedicated time in the month for team development?

My findings:

  • 12% of teams have some time set aside for this important activity.
  • 88% of teams do not.

Here’s what’s happening.

Leaders are hoping that the team will improve simply through the process of working together as a team.

If simply doing ‘the thing’ was the road to mastery then we would never have to engage in deliberate practice, countless hours of training, and working with coaches to reach our fullest potential.

We would simply get there by doing.

But we know that’s now how this works.

For your team to become the best version of itself requires:

  • Dedicated time for improvement.
  • A plan for development.
  • Deliberate practice of teamwork behaviours.
  • A space for transformation.
  • Revision and adaptation of teamwork goals.

Do not leave something as important as the bettering of your team up to chance.