Psychology of Personal Performance InSTITUTE

by Erik Kruger


The Psychology of Personal Performance masterclass series is for business who want on-going, high quality content presented to their employees.

The content is based on the popular Psychology of Personal Performance podcast.

Why should you care?

Every business should want their employees to be thinking and acting at their very best. Countless studies have shown that when employee development can be tied to organisational development. This is the reason why coaching has become a 2+ billion dollar industry.

Coaching might not be ultra scalable but the Psychology of Personal Performance master classes are.

The content I create is a combination of my coaching experience as well as my love for writing about science backed research. This means that every month you will be treated to content that has been meticulously scrutinised and then combined with real world practical experience.

Every talk covers a different aspect of optimising personal performance. From procrastination to personal mastery. From pre-performance rituals to decompression sessions.

How does it work?

Very straightforward.

Step 1 – Book a call with me so we can talk about your business. 

Step 2 – We book a recurring monthly date in which I will spend an hour at your business. The session is divided into a presentation component, a Q&A component, and a self-reflection component.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 🙂

The cost

Costs will be discussed during the intro call and depends on factors such as location of the business and how many people will be attending.

What to do next?

Get in touch with me by clicking on the link below so we can schedule a free intro call.

“Erik creates some of the most thoughtful and well researched content that you will find. His ability to get to the point without all the fluff is something I admire.”

Let’s chat, Erik.

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