The Band-Aid Strategy For Getting Back On Track

band aid strategy

How to get your life back on track quickly

Often we let the small things slip and eventually we end up with a life that is out of balance. We pay attention to the big fires in our lives and in the process simply patch everything else.

There are two ways to address this. The one is philosophical, the other is more practical. I will give you a brief idea for the latter.

Create a Band-Aid list
A great way to take some control back and in the process raise your levels of motivation is to create a Band-aid list.

A Band-Aid list is a list of all the small things that you have been patching in your life. The gnawing tasks that you have been putting off because of your current circumstances. The things you simply cover up.

These small tasks create open loops in your life. They remind you that you are failing. That you are not doing the things that you should be doing. This feeds into your natural negative self talk and can create a vicious cycle of frustration.

Once you have the list, commit to ticking one thing off of it every day.

Start with the smallest one.

And then keep going.

You will feel great for it.

The moment you start taking back control you create momentum which will eventually lift your life from frustrating to exciting.

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